Meet Dr. B

Most dentists are just dentists. Some, a rare few, like Dr. Beatrice Haddad, are artists, too.

You don’t have to be a top model to want to look great. It’s largely a matter of exploiting your best features. Unless you’re confident you’ve already got the perfect smile of your dreams, your mouth is the place to start.

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Perfect smiles don’t just happen in today’s world — they’re designed, engineered, they’re crafted. For this, you need more than dentistry, you need dental artistry.

Pasadena’s Dr. Beatrice Haddad heads the list of cosmetic dentists to consult. On paper, she is the perfect specimen of the universal professional, educated in multiple disciplines and dedicated to continuing studies.

Some people are passionate about their hobbies. Some their families and careers. Dr. Haddad bears a passion for people’s smiles.

It is the artist in her, that uncompromising streak of adherence to her vision — the passion for her opinion of what should be — that drives her as a principled professional.  She won’t compromise her profession or her art for anything, not even her livelihood.

Her brand of passionate practice has developed client trust that simply technical expertise cannot achieve.  Her clients include people in the Hollywood scene, probably the acid test of good dentistry.  Actors and models. (Imagine your pearly whites enlarged 35 times and out there for all to see.  Imagine if your pearly whites weren’t so white.  Imagine if they just weren’t right.)

In the end, the perfect smile is not as much of an enigma as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

“The perfect smile is the smile that’s right for you. The contours of your face, the size of it,” Dr. Haddad explains, painting a picture of perfect clarity.

“You present yourself differently when you have the right smile,” she explains, echoing the sentiments her satisfied clients have expressed in their newfound confidence. “Your smile can change your life.”